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The build of the Bandai Sazabi is progressing well, I have just released the 3rd video of the build to my patrons.

As I’m building him from the feet up, I have now done his feet and legs. Next is the waist unit, then the chest, arms and head. Then painting and weathering.

All of these videos will be exclusive to my Geeks tier and above, where you will also find other perks!

Take a look at to see if you’d like to help support my habit! (it’s thanks to my lovely patrons I have been able to start this site, as well as keeping me in paint and glue…)

A Sazabi leg next to my Red frame Astray. Same scale.
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Welcome to my site. This is going to be my central hub. A place I can post my innermost thoughts and feelings. And model kits, lots of model kits.

I’ll be posting occasional entries here as well as my other social media places, as well as links to other things I am involved in.

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions, I’m quite new to this ‘Blogging’ thing so expect many, many mistakes.

I hope you’ll follow me on my journey into plastic models, and together we can have fun. Because without fun, whats the point?