After completing the build of the Bandai RG Sazabi, I’ve started taking it apart.

As I’d only built one other Real Grade gundam, I wasn’t too sure about the fit, how it should look, the colour, basically most of the build. So I have been assembling it as the instructions show to get a feel for it.

Now it’s all together I can see how the articulation works, the colour separation on the armour, how much of the inner frame is going to be visible, and everything now works perfectly in my mental picture of it. (Yeah, right)

So, time has come to strip him back down.

I’m basically dismembering him and taking the skin off. I hope this post doesn’t get me in trouble……

I started with pulling him apart into the component sections- arms, legs, waist, etc. Then I started the armour removal. I’ve done a leg so far.

A naked leg

I did film the process, and it will become a part of the build series. It’s also there so I can check how it goes back together……

When I’ve got it all apart down to the frame I’ll be priming and painting it, then it will be time to see if I remember how it goes together…..

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