I’ve begun the process of painting the Sazabi, as I like to do with many sci-fi kits I have started with a primer coat of UMP gloss black.

It won’t actually make too much difference what primer I use with the mecha colour paints, as they have such a good coverage that it actually goes over any primer very well with one coat.

Greens over different primers

I intend to do the inner frame in steel, then adding some detail work by brush. I have both dark and light steel for this, as well as some golds and grey.

I’ll be doing the armour panels in the traditional red, but I might well mix up the shades on different panels to the stock version.

Gloss black

Every time I prime a kit in the gloss black I want to leave it as it is. The gloss gives a nice shine, and a lovely deep shadowing. It really brings out the detail in the kit. It’s almost a shame the vast majority of the frame will be covered up!

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    1. It does, doesn’t it?
      By the way, I’ve just got back after an unsuccessful trip to buy a giant bakewell. I still blame you. 😉

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