I’ve had a good week at the bench.

The little SD Sinanju is almost complete, just the weapons and backpack to assemble. The same is also true for the big RG Sazabi.

The videos of the Sinanju are uploading, the head edition will be available later on today.

The Patreon exclusive Sazabi series. Is up to part 7, which is also to head, and also contains my first ever build of an ‘Action base’ so I can display it in a more interesting pose than “standing up”

Next up for both of them is going to be the backpacks. As ever, the SD is probably 4 bits, and the RG Sazabi will be many, many more.

I build the RG first so I can show how it’s going at the end of the SD video, remember the whole series is available to all of my ‘Gross Geeks’ and above Patreon tiers.

My 1:144 Astray nest to the Sazabi for scale. And the little SD Sinanju.

2 comments on “Building continues

  1. I recently bought an SD Gundam kit (Strike Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X20A) on a lark, and it was a very enjoyable build that allowed me to try out new techniques that I’d have be afraid to attempt on a more expensive kit. This was my first Gundam, and I’m now sure there will be more.

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