If you’ve been following the Back to the Future Delorean build you may be aware I had some trouble with the supplied “leather” straps that hold the hood box in place. They seem to have perished and become very brittle.

I bought some actual leather strap to make up replacements.

Although I got the correct width, I could only get leather that was substantially thicker than the original scale. This wasn’t too much trouble as I am able to cut it in half as I only need one side to show.

After cutting to length and thickness I am ready for the next step!

The straps are still too thick for the original buckles to fit, so I have fitted the straps underneath the box and glued the hooks to the ends on the inside of the hood.

This should make it possible to use the original bands to hold the box in place and still be able to remove it when needed.

And that’s it! I’m fairly happy with the end result, what do you think?

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