While I am unable to build properly for a while I’ve been spending more time playing games. One I’ve got back into is Elite.

After picking up the “Odyssey “ pack for walking around on planets and in stations as well as flying the spaceships, I’ve had to adapt to a hybrid control scheme.

So I use the controller for the on foot stuff, and the big Hotas for piloting. It isn’t quite ideal, but works well enough.

I am also playing around with voice controls using software from HCS voicepacks. This listens for specific commands and then does it for you hands free. It also provides extra voice feedback for the game, adding more depth and immersion to an already immersive game. With the addition of vr it almost fools you into believing you are there.

HCS have loads of voices to pick from, for Elite, Starfield, Helldivers 2 and more!

Use this link to check out some of the packs I use and get your own!


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