With the latest delivery of the terminator partwork came the special free gift all the subscribers have been waiting for: The rifle.

All in all it’s very nice. The only metal part is the grip/ trigger, but it has some nice detail in it.

I decided I could make it better though.

First the silencer looking bit had a couple of seam lines that needed to be removed, and it was repainted.

I started the main work with making it look more metallic, using some C1 metalizer powder. This is just polished on and polished off.

I also added some lighter metallic paint to add scratches and wear.

With some Nuln oil to darken down some other areas, I had it looking more realistic and more like the reference pictures I had found.

It could be better, but I’m happy to have improved it from the delivered version.

I may do some more to it when it gets held in his hand, but for now it’s done.

The video is here.

Keep an eye out for more as they are delivered!

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