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Live appearances!

The next few months are going to be quite busy!

I have 1 live appearance each month for September, October and November. All around the Midlands. Can you make them all?

On September the 19th (just 10 days after my birthday….) I, as well as Ted, Foxx and hopefully Tony from the eModels builders will be descending on eModels for the afternoon. I’ll be picking up my secret new build as well as dropping off the Zaku and the MiGs I’ve built for them. Ted is also picking up his next build, the big Digger thing. And of course he is delivering his HUGE submarine. I hope they have room for it. Foxx already has his next build: The perfect grade Falcon, I think he’s just coming for the donuts.

October 22nd is my first trip to Warhammer World. A few people hope to make it the same day, I’ll update when we know who’s able to make it!

My final outing for the year is the big one. Scale Model World in Telford. This is “The greatest model show in the world” and takes a whole weekend. I’ll just be there on Sunday 10th November.

Hopefully some of you will be able to make at least one of these, come and say hello! I’ll make sure I have some stickers on me- find me and ask for one!

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Terminator upgrades

With the latest delivery of the terminator partwork came the special free gift all the subscribers have been waiting for: The rifle.

All in all it’s very nice. The only metal part is the grip/ trigger, but it has some nice detail in it.

I decided I could make it better though.

First the silencer looking bit had a couple of seam lines that needed to be removed, and it was repainted.

I started the main work with making it look more metallic, using some C1 metalizer powder. This is just polished on and polished off.

I also added some lighter metallic paint to add scratches and wear.

With some Nuln oil to darken down some other areas, I had it looking more realistic and more like the reference pictures I had found.

It could be better, but I’m happy to have improved it from the delivered version.

I may do some more to it when it gets held in his hand, but for now it’s done.

The video is here.

Keep an eye out for more as they are delivered!

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Terminator time! I have received the next pack of parts for the Terminator: build the T-800 partwork!

Issue 23 is up now, with 24 tomorrow morning, 25 & 26 following over the days after.

All of the issues and several upgrade and modification videos are all in the Terminator playlist for your viewing convenience.

Watch Issue 23 here.

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New toy!

As I am really enjoying doing the live-streams, I thought I’d pick up a little tool to help me in them. I had it in the background on last nights eModels stream, but nobody noticed….

It’s a Streamdeck. I had a little play with it before the stream, but haven’t really got to grips with it yet.

Apparently it can be programmed to do many of the things required while streaming: posting chat messages, changing camera or lighting, starting and ending streams, changing “scenes “ as well as launching web pages and applications.

At the moment I have it set with my logo as a background, but in use each button can be set to display any small image to make it easy to see what you’re doing.

At the moment it doesn’t directly integrate with the StreamYard software I am using but they are working on it and I am confident it will soon become invaluable.

The Deck

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Fun in #TheYard

Thursdays “Evening with” went well with the new StreamYard broadcasting software. I shall be continuing to learn how to use it and make the shows more fun and interesting to watch.

If you also stream, you may like to look into StreamYard, if you decide to use the paid version this code will give you a discount, and will kick some back to me too….

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Back to the bench

I’ve been suffering a bit this week (ahhhhhh).

I’ve had a sore back, and it made getting any time at the bench somewhat uncomfortable. (Aaaaahhhhhhh)

But, it has improved a little bit, so I’ve started getting the decals down on the Sazabi! (Yay!)

I still need to go over with the micro sol. (I think. That’s the red one, right? I always get the names of those mixed up…..)

I should be getting some more done over the next few days, then I can work on some panel lining and tweaks before calling it a day.

The shield

I do like decals. They give a model a sort of grounding. The small details that would be impossible to paint. (For me at least!)

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Well, that didn’t work.

You may have noticed my Warhamster stream last night failed.

It seems my internet wasn’t behaving very well and the upstream wasn’t as good as it should have been.

I think it’s ok now, and will be trying it out on the emodels stream tonight!

Assuming it’s all ok, and still ok on Thursday, my plan for the “An Evening with Everyone” will continue (with slight adjustments!)

The software I was going to use gave me trouble so I have migrated to a different one. It seems nice!

I will be using “StreamYard” as my base for Thursdays. It makes no difference to you as a viewer except hopefully a better, more professional appearance.

If you would like to join me, it’s as simple as it used to be. Just follow a link. It does work a little differently once you are in, but it’s very easy.

StreamYard have put together this guide to bein a guest, please take a look and make sure you’re happy before joining in!

The “Guest guide”

As ever, the link to join will be on my Facebook page just after I go live on Thursday. Hope to see you there!

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Sunday again

Another week has passed, so tonight I’ll be back working on the Warhamster!

I’m still continuing the Ork Meganobs. One and a half down, 2 to go.

The basic paint is done on all of them, I have some detail work to do as well as the weathering and chipping to go on the last 2 of them.

Come watch tonight as I hopefully get one more of them completed!

As ever, you can find the stream live tonight on This Link. Although if you want to watch later it becomes a patron exclusive archive.

Also tonight: Find our what happened when I made my way to the Warhammer online store!