Last night marked a huge milestone for me and the Warhamster stream.

It was the first time ever that I have have more than 50 viewers at one time (51 actually!)

I don’t know if it was the subject (the Fighta Bomberz) or just word of the streams getting around, but I’d like to thank everyone for joining me while I build and paint.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to post some pictures of the planes in progress to try to entice more of you to come along and watch! 😉

The first 2 painted in base colours

I painted the first 2 back before Christmas and then moved on to another project. In the new year I opened a vote to see what I should build next, and they came out top.

I then asked for comments for the colours of the other 2 planes, with “Purple” and “The Fang” winning.

The 4 ready for details

Last night I got some detail metallic painting on all 4 planes, they still have some more to add but I’m happy with how they are coming along.

Getting there!

Come and watch what happens next, sundays from 8pm.

One comment on “Warhamster update

  1. Cool! Congratulations!

    On to 100… then 1,000… then the world! Mwuhhahaha! 😀

    Seriously – very cool. I always enjoy watching the show while I work along with you.

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