And I am overjoyed to announce I won!

The orange dragon I have spent a couple of months painting live on Sunday evenings during the Warhamster stream was entered into my local Warhammer stores November competition “Monsters”. And it managed to rack up an impressive number of votes. In fact, enough to win.

As it was the first time I have ever entered any of my work into competition I am very happy, and even amazed at its success. It was a public Facebook vote, people just had to “Like” the picture of the model they, well, liked.

It meant I came home at the end of the month with a “Golden Grot” and as far as I can tell, the chance to call myself an award winning model maker. 😉

Thank you to all who voted, I didn’t get a chance to read my prepared speech when I collected my prize this morning but rest assured it would have been epic.

I shall enter again later in the year, when the category and the store are ready for the massive Baneblade project. And after I have finished it!

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