I’ve been spending a lot of time playing around with setting and things for the many, many live-streams I’ve been doing recently, and now it’s almost time for me to go back to work I think I have things setup just about right!

As you may know I use a Streamdeck to Control most of my streams. I can switch inputs, scenes, play files, start and stop streaming, almost everything. But it all takes setting up and pressing buttons to make it happen.

Except now it doesn’t.
I have been able to work several of the buttons into “multi use” buttons, so one press starts a sequence of events in action.
Before I had one to start the stream, one to change to a start video, several to send messages to the chat, more to switch to a stream view, etc.
now I have a single button that should, hopefully do it all.
One press to go from being off air all the way to starting the “proper” stream with me on screen starting the show.

23 separate actions from one press. Should make the pre-show a little less stressful.
I’ll find out on Wednesday when I try it all out! Wish me luck!

2 comments on “Streamlining

  1. I’m sure there was a significant learning curve, but the capabilities of this device are absolutely astounding. It appears to be essentially an entire video production facility in a box.

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