I have spent a couple of days trying to bring a little bit of professionalism to my channel/ streams. (I know, I know…)

I have created some new intro rolls for my streams, so I can have a 5 minute ‘break’ before i go live. I have made them for the Lockdown, Wooden Wednesday and the Warhamster livestreams. Hopefully they work as intended and give me a chance to get things prepared and ready just before going on camera, while getting the stream started and giving people a chance to get into the chat.

I shall be using one on Friday for the Lego Lockdown. Let me know what you think. (They aren’t really very different to what I have been using for the last week or 2, but behind the scenes they are. It should make things easier for me going forwards, and that’s got to be a good thing, right?)

I have also tidied the end videos, if anyone waits around that long. 🙂

Hopefully you are all surviving the various lockdowns we are having around the world, hopefully things will go back to ‘normal’ soon, whatever that turns out to be.

Stay safe, look after each other, and above all: Try to enjoy yourselves.

See you online soon.


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