If you’ve been following my build of the Eaglemoss Delorean you may be aware I had a packet delivered open and with a small part missing.

Now, I could contact them and get a replacement issue sent out, but as it was only 1 small part that is almost impossible to see when the build is complete I thought it would be a good chance to have a play with my moulding “skills”

As it’s a small black part and I had some in, I thought I’d try using sugru.

If you are unaware, Sugru is a mouldable product that air dries to a slightly rubbery consistency. It can be used to fit things together, and I thought it could work in this case.

I started by pulling off a small chunk and trying to get the rough size and shape.

With some shaping I thought it would be easier to do in place on the kit, although I was very aware that the seats I am fitting it to will very easily show any black stains!

The end result is a little larger than the original, and not nearly as nice, but I doubt anyone would be able to notice even if looking for it when the car is finished.

So in my opinion a reasonable job, solving a slight problem and increasing my skills slightly!

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