I have been keeping an eye on subscriber numbers, and the dates you submitted to the competition.

Chefhawk 17:45 31/11/20
Modelmaking Mayhem: 15/12/20

David Foxx: 20:00 17/12/20

James T : 25/12/20
Ian M. G. Thompson: 20:10 31/12/20
Shane Youngs: 15:08 14/1/21
Phil Lewis: 13:00 21/1/21
Redlen08: 28/1/21
Pascal Lieverse: 6:00 1/2/21
Candygramformongo: 12:34 7/2/21

So far 2 of you are out, and it’s unlikely I will reach the milestone in time for David to win, but who will be closest?

My current prediction is that it won’t be until after the last date entered, so I am expecting Candygramformongo to be the champ. But things change…….

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