As I’m settling into doing the regular live-streams, I feel I need to do something about my background.

The bench view is fine, but for the emodels and the Evening with streams I think I could do with a better background.

Now, I can setup the green screen and probably get that to work but I am thinking about a better “back wall” I can put up behind the bench, possibly something I can change up from time to time.

It is a window, and I do need to open it from time to time (in this current heat, most of the time!) but I can have something in front.

I’m asking for suggestions. I do have several posters like the ones I currently use, but I’m thinking of something “nicer”. Not exactly art, but possibly some of the better metal prints or similar. But I don’t know about subject. It’s pretty much got to be model related in some way, or at least be a theme that models are available in.

Help? Leave suggestions in the comments!

2 comments on “Background checks

  1. What about a montage of all the models you have built. Probably wouldn’t cost that much to get printed. I always cut the top off the model boxes and then stick them up in the shed like wallpaper.

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