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Time off

After a busy week of models and partworks I’ve taken a few days off of Modelmaking and gone back to the xbox.

I’ve finished the new Star Wars game, and just started ‘Control’, a similar sort of thing but grounded in the real world. Although it’s a real world with some sort of alien invasion/ paranormal/ superpower thing going on.

I’ll be playing that for a few more days and will get back to the bench at the weekend. Honest.

There’s still “An Evening with Everyone” on Thursday, come join in when I post the link on my Facebook page just before the show!

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If you missed last nights premier, where were you? It was fun! I do occasional premieres on my YouTube channel, it’s always nice to be able to chat to people as they watch for the first time.

The video is still available to watch HERE, although you won’t get any reply if you type anything…..

The video is the first in a new series of making the Warhammer 40k Baneblade. A huge tank thing. Of course I’m not going to paint it in normal, boring colours. As a Warhamster thing it has to be basically orange. And I may have made a mistake in suggesting it would be interesting to have a try at digital camo…..

Keep an eye on my channel for the series, I’ll be releasing videos throughout the build!

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ScaleModel World!

The weekend is fast approaching!
Apparently the biggest model show in the world is happening this weekend in Telford. And I’ll be there on Sunday!

I’m not in any competitions or groups, I’ll just be wandering around looking at stuff (and probably buying a thing or 2…)

If you’re there on Sunday and you see me, come say hello! I’ll have some stickers with me too……

I plan to be around the entrance around midday for a while, so you can probably catch me there, if not I will be wearing the brightest orange hoodie I could find, probably partially covered by an eModels jacket (depending on temperature!) wandering the halls from opening until late afternoon.

I’ll be getting some video and lots of pictures on the day, so keep an eye on the Youtube for a show video next week!