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An Evening with….

Thursday is my usual evening for streaming a fun “chat show” type stream.

It’s just me and usually a couple of “The Gross Gang” (other Modelmaking friends) and my patrons for 90 minutes of general chat and nonsense. But, for the last Thursday in the month I open the doors to all comers. Anyone can come and join in on camera and hang out for a little while.

I post the link on my Facebook page for people to join in. If you just want to watch, or join in with the text chat you can find it on my youtube, or this weeks show will be right here from 8pm BST Thursday.

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Sazabi completed!

I’ve finally finished the sazabi build! It took me longer than I expected. I did seem to start it well, but then slowed down to a crawl (ok, a stop).

Once I’d finished the build (which I really enjoyed) I seemed to get slowed down with decals and details.

But, I’ve finally completed it. Here’s a small gallery of pictures.

Of course, there is a full build video, actually 13 videos…. but these are only available to my Patrons…. come see if you’d like to help support my work!

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been building/ painting the Warhammer dragon kit.

As it’s become a tradition I’ve been painting it in orange. Working for a white primer coat, I added a yellow shade, then a layer of orange. That’s as far as I am at the moment, next is a red highlight to add some depth, and. Some black burnt patches.

Tonight I also detailed the mouth, with a pink internal, red tongue, and various shades to the teeth …..

Next time I’ll be doing the same to the horns and spines.