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I need ideas and suggestions.

I expect you are aware of my continuing series of diorama based on the Star Wars series of films. So far I have completed 4 and have 1 in progress and another in theory. That means there are still several films I would like to cover!

A lot on my trouble is the lack of kits in 1:144 scale. I would rather not re-use kits again, but it look like I will have to. (Slave one and the Falcon do have slightly different variants….)

Anyway, if you have ideas for a scene from any of the series, please let me know! If you know of a kit that is available and can think of an iconic scene that it fits into, leave a comment and I’ll look into it!

You may have noticed I don’t do “screen accurate” as much as “inspired by” so feel free to re-work what actually happened to fit your inspiration!

Obviously I can’t commit to making all (or any!) suggestions, but it would really help me out to have some input!