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Always be learnin’

There’s always a chance to add to your knowledge. I have recently been working to improve the streams I do, and I feel my audio is a good place for improvement!

I have been using OBS studio for a while now, but only scratching the surface of what can be done with it.

I use a Blue Yeti Mic, which is lovely, but with a little tweaking it can be made better.

I have been using Voicemeeter to give me more options wheere to put my audio outputs when I want to stream and listen at the same time, but now I am also learning about plug-ins with OBS.

Here I have 3 plug-ins from Reaper to cut down on background noise, balance the sound to give a richer feel, and a compression setting to make the audio a little more balanced.

I shall see how it all works when I stream from it, but listening to it myself I can hear a nicer, cleaner sound.

Soon I will start working on the video balances to get some improvement there.

Just having the gear isn’t enough. you also need to learn how to best use it!

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New series!

ok, ok, I forgot to post about the series going live!

Its been an interesting Christmas time, what can I say!

Anyway, the Ironman series has begun! I have completed the first 2 issues, and they are ready to be watched!

The first one is here: and the second one should follow after. Part 3 will be available just after they send it to me…..

Do let me know what you think, the kit is looking very nice so far!