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Channel growth!

It seems I have become a large enough channel for YouTube to offer me “channel Memberships”!

Either that, or they’ve started rolling them out to everyone….

It means I have another way for people to support the channel if they so wish. By going to My channel you now have the option to “JOIN” !

By doing so you get access to member only posts, r name listed in my ‘Thank you’ credits, and get a special colour and icon when you comment on my videos and livestreams. No more will your comment be lost in the herd! Stand out from the crowd! Etc…..

There are also a couple of special emoji type icons you can use in chat. I hope to add more as time goes by, but I’m not very artistic!

So, pop over to Gross Models and see about signing up from as little as 99p a month!

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4k subscriber comp *ENTRIES CLOSED*

Not loads of entries to this competition, But someone has to win!

I’ve put them all in order, so we can keep track of things while we get closer……

Chefhawk 17:45 31/11/20
Modelmaking Mayhem: 15/12/20
David Foxx: 20:00 17/12/20
James T : 25/12/20
Ian M. G. Thompson: 20:10 31/12/20
Shane Youngs: 15:08 14/1/21
Phil Lewis: 13:00 21/1/21
Redlen08: 28/1/21
Pascal Lieverse: 6:00 1/2/21
Candygramformongo: 12:34 7/2/21

Good luck!